Monday, February 08, 2010

Playing in the Snow!

Rose, the sunset, and the Washington Monument


Our street

¿Dos Capitales?

A snow angel I made


The promise of spring

Ice climbing! Extreme!

Saturday, February 06, 2010


That's what they called the last storm on Dec. 19 & 20. I think this storm will get a similar moniker. At least, we don't have to go to a wedding today!

Yesterday we held the Religious Freedom Moot Court competition at school. I was one of the problem co-authors. We had to compress everything and do it one day because of the impending storm, so it was pretty grueling for us administrators and the competitors. Even so, everyone did a great job and it was such a fulfilling feeling to see fellow law students from 20 different schools and 2 federal judges discussing the problem that you worked so many months on. It was a wonderful experience.

Good thing we did cancel today's events, because there is a ton of snow outside. Observe:

The pots Rose is standing next to in the first picture are still there. It's still snowing, so I might have to add another picture in a few hours. We're as snugs as bugs in rugs here! We might go play outside when it finally stops.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Flying Kites

The weather here is cold and damp.
It's prime weather for staying inside and doing homework, which is what we do all day.
But that gets old.
I drew this picture of what Jordan and I would rather be doing.
Aren't we SO cute?
(Click on the image to see it for reals. It's all fuzzity-fuzz here.)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some New Hardware

We lost the competition, but got some consolation prizes. We won 2nd Place for Best Brief and I got 3rd Place for Best Oralist (I know that sounds funny) and Best Overall Competitor (out of 56, so that makes me the Highlander of the competition). Both final teams get to compete in the regional competition in Boston in March. It was a really amazing experience. We argued before Judge Randall Rader from the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Judge Edward Damich from the US Court of Federal Claims, and Dean John Whealan from the law school.

It was pretty cool.

If you want to see what we were arguing about, the problem is available here.

PS: If you didn't, you really ought to click on the Highlander link above, it's jaw-droppingly amazing.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

There is so much to post about...

But instead, I post this: